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Devblog Update #76: Post-Mortem???

  Jasper Vice has been on Steam for two weeks now, so I figured I should wrap up the blog, and social media stuff for now. We’ll be picking it back up next year as we start working on the sequel though!     Leading up to the launch, it’s always difficult to know what to […]

Devblog Update #75: Launch Day!

Jasper Vice is now available on Steam! It’s been a crazy few years making this thing, and it’s just the first step of a much larger journey. I feel a strong connection with Jasper as he’s going through the initial entry tests to join the Voyagers. All the questions he’s asking himself and the challenges […]

Devblog Update #74: Game Launch Next Week! Also, a Trailer!

Wishlist on Steam! Just a reminder that the first level of the game is up on Steam as part of the Beta! Full launch is next week (August 4th) and we have a new trailer out!   Well, this is the last Devlog before launch, which means we’re right in the middle of a bunch […]

Devblog Update #73: Launch Date Approaching! Beta Update

Wishlist on Steam! Just a reminder that the first level of the game is up on Steam as part of the Beta! We’re only a few weeks from the full launch, which is crazy! (August 4th)   These last few weeks we’ve been working on ironing out some bugs, as well as adapting things based […]

Devblog Update #72: Oh no, I missed one! (And Launch Date)

Wishlist on Steam! Just a reminder that the first level of the game is up on Steam as part of the Beta!   Also, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive, and things are still moving forward! I took a break two weeks ago, which happened to go right over […]

Devblog Update #71: BETA Launch!!!

Wishlist on Steam! Today’s the day! The Beta for Jasper Vice is officially available. Containing Level 1 of 3.   Theoretically the game is feature-complete, and now just needs a lot of tweaks and polish. Most noticeably Jaspers’ jump animation… yeah… that thing gives me headaches.   Anyways, I’ll keep this short. Go play it! […]

Devblog Update #70: Foliage, SFX & Cutscenes!

Wishlist on Steam! Two weeks from official Beta launch!   I’ve been keeping busy lately adding foliage to the Garden of Aska, putting in sound fx for various things, and finishing up the level flow and cutscenes for Level 3! The game is now playable from beginning to end!   The Garden of Aska Foliage […]

Devblog Update #69: Audio, and Underground Gardens!

Wishlist on Steam! One month from official Beta launch!   These past two weeks I’ve been trying to balance adding in new content in Zone 3, and polishing/improving existing content in preparation for Beta. Most of what I’ve done falls under these two things though:   The Garden of Aska I don’t want to spoil […]

Devblog Update #68: Ancient Cities, Planting, and Tweaks!

Wishlist on Steam! It’s been a fun two weeks! Lots of variety and different tweaks and improvements, along with some major stuff.   First off, I went back and polished up some of the existing gameplay based on feedback. You can now turn sharper when you’re slowing down, and the third puzzle in Zone 1 […]

Devblog Update #67: Viruses, Bugs, and Music!

Wishlist on Steam! Well, this sprint didn’t go as planned! For most of these past two weeks, I’ve been either down with, or recovering from that nasty virus that’s been the talk of the town for the past few years. I’m doing well now, and am back at my desk, but I haven’t exactly gotten […]