Devblog Update #73: Launch Date Approaching! Beta Update

Wishlist on Steam!

Just a reminder that the first level of the game is up on Steam as part of the Beta! We’re only a few weeks from the full launch, which is crazy! (August 4th)


These last few weeks we’ve been working on ironing out some bugs, as well as adapting things based on feedback and playtesting. One of the significant things you might notice is that the entrance to the Vault in level 1 has been moved, to make it more visible, which should hopefully help with some of the confusion people were having.

A pillar of the gameplay is meant to be exploration, but there is a bit of a line between what is completely un-guided exploration, and what’s frustrating for the player.


There’s also been a lot of work done on polishing up some of the audio and artwork for some journal entries and such. It’s fun seeing it all come together!
I definitely feel like this last push is the hardest though. For our first game, how good is “good enough”? Hard to say. We hope you enjoy it when it comes though!

As promised, here’s a few more screenshots.



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