Devblog Update #67: Viruses, Bugs, and Music!

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Well, this sprint didn’t go as planned! For most of these past two weeks, I’ve been either down with, or recovering from that nasty virus that’s been the talk of the town for the past few years. I’m doing well now, and am back at my desk, but I haven’t exactly gotten a whole lot done, and don’t have lots of pretty pictures to show for it!


One of the things I DID manage to get done though, is the next mission of Level 3 (Mt. Eldur). There were a few tricky bits with it, as it’s a timed mission, with various stages, but needs to be able to be reset either if the player fails, or if the player chooses to reset. So much of our underlying systems are based on doing things on a per-quest basis, which means things could get… complicated. Anyways, I think I’ve managed to figure it out, and now there’s just some aesthetic changes to make, but it’s all working!


I also found out while playtesting that my wonderful work of making the menus gamepad compatible still isn’t done. Because of the system I’m using, for some reason, when I resume gameplay from the pause menu, the menu is still being navigated in the background. This means that after closing the pause menu, when the player presses Spacebar, they’ll be selecting a menu option that they can’t see! Sometimes opening the options menu, or returning to the main menu! I haven’t figured out a solution quite yet, but I look forward to having it all working again…



Aaron has been working on some of the music for the game, which is exciting to hear! You often don’t realize how much of an impact the music has on a scene until it’s gone, or it changes in “feel”. We’ve certainly had a lot of back and forths about what key words we’re going for with the music. Is it more “ethereal” or “melancholic”? Is it “fiery” or “warm”?

It’s coming together though! 😀


No timelapse video this sprint, unfortunately.


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