Devblog Update #69: Audio, and Underground Gardens!

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One month from official Beta launch!


These past two weeks I’ve been trying to balance adding in new content in Zone 3, and polishing/improving existing content in preparation for Beta. Most of what I’ve done falls under these two things though:


The Garden of Aska

I don’t want to spoil anything story-wise, but here’s some WIP shots of the Garden inside of Mt. Eldur. There’s still lots of details to add, but the overall layout is there!


Audio stuff!

I’ve been going through and adding sounds to all the stuff that didn’t have sounds before. As so often happens, audio implementation gets done later than a lot of the other content creation. It makes such a difference though, in bringing the world to life. Hearing the sounds of the creatures, the airship engines, the echoing as you flap through the caves, etc.


No timelapse video again this sprint. I have been recording the making of the Garden, but as it isn’t finished yet, the timelapse isn’t finished X)


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