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Legends Untold
A wooden outpost watchtower with the title of the devblog written
Devblog Update #06: Outposts and Watchtowers
February is almost done, and it’s time for another Devblog on Jasper Vice II! I realized we sometimes...
Rocks floating in the sky connected by vines
Devblog Update #5: Vines and Floating Things
Welcome back to another Devblog update from the production of Jasper Vice II! We’re back at it...
Copy of Twitter
Devblog Update #4: Not dead yet!
Well, it’s been a little while! Around 9 months actually. Rest assured the project has continued...
Devblog Update #03: Failed IKs and Level Design!
It’s devblog time! Life has gotten in the way of a lot of the progress we had hoped to make these...
Wix Devblog Cover
Devblog Update #02: Control Rig, Animations and Movement!
Hello fellow adventurers! Progress is always great to see, and we certainly have some this Sprint! Improvements...
Wix Devblog Cover
Devblog Update #01: New Beginnings
Jasper Vice:Legends Untold was released on Steam almost 8 months ago! It’s crazy how time flies....
Devlog Image(14)
Devblog Update #76: Post-Mortem???
  Jasper Vice has been on Steam for two weeks now, so I figured I should wrap up the blog, and social...
Devlog Image(11)
Devblog Update #75: Launch Day!
Jasper Vice is now available on Steam! It’s been a crazy few years making this thing, and it’s...
Devlog Image(10)
Devblog Update #74: Game Launch Next Week! Also, a Trailer!
Wishlist on Steam! Just a reminder that the first level of the game is up on Steam as part of the Beta!...
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