Devblog Update #70: Foliage, SFX & Cutscenes!

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Two weeks from official Beta launch!


I’ve been keeping busy lately adding foliage to the Garden of Aska, putting in sound fx for various things, and finishing up the level flow and cutscenes for Level 3! The game is now playable from beginning to end!


The Garden of Aska

Foliage has been added! It’s a very lush, and warm cavern, here in the middle of Mt Eldur. Adding in things like that makes a significant difference to the overall feel of the area. The path to the Garden has also seen some improvements, with lava flows and lighting being added.


More Audio stuff!

Added in a bunch more sounds this sprint. Stuff like sounds for the waterfalls, reverb effects to the audio in the cavern, Gus’ laugh in Deilen Fel, etc. It’s amazing how much life little things like that add!


Timelapse video again! It’s taken awhile, but here it is! I experimented with recording a separate viewport, so you can see it all coming together without getting dizzy from looking through the camera I’m editing from.


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