Devblog Update #74: Game Launch Next Week! Also, a Trailer!

Wishlist on Steam!

Just a reminder that the first level of the game is up on Steam as part of the Beta! Full launch is next week (August 4th) and we have a new trailer out!


Well, this is the last Devlog before launch, which means we’re right in the middle of a bunch of tweaks, polish, and fixes! It’s amazing how many things there are to do at the last minute, from making sure the Steam builds are working correctly, to fine-tuning audio levels.

Even though there’s always lots to do, we’re launching on Thursday, regardless of what it looks like, and we’re not going to crunch to get there. There’s certainly a mixed bag of expectations about what launch will look like. Will there even be a splash? Does it matter? It’s hard to say. I’ll be happy to have the game out there though, it’s been a few years of hard work, and even though it’s nothing AAA, it’s mine.


Here’s a few shots that I’ll be pushing out on Twitter and Instagram. Follow us to see more!



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