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Devblog Update #06: Outposts and Watchtowers

February is almost done, and it’s time for another Devblog on Jasper Vice II! I realized we sometimes abbreviate it as JV2, but it would be confusing if we said JVII since that looks like Roman Numerals. (Incidentally, J *IS* a Roman Numeral, generally used to replace the final I in a number to make […]

Devblog Update #5: Vines and Floating Things

Welcome back to another Devblog update from the production of Jasper Vice II! We’re back at it with some work on another environment for the game! This will be an area that the Voyagers use for combat training. The various floating islands will have outposts on them that will take on different purposes depending on […]

Devblog Update #4: Not dead yet!

Well, it’s been a little while! Around 9 months actually. Rest assured the project has continued on in the background, despite the absence of posting about it. I was feeling pretty burned-out, like I hadn’t fully recovered from the previous game’s launch yet or something. Anyways, I took a bit of time to step back, […]

Devblog Update #03: Failed IKs and Level Design!

It’s devblog time! Life has gotten in the way of a lot of the progress we had hoped to make these past two weeks, but we have gotten some stuff done! IK Feet After a lot of research, work, and experimentation, we have a basic IK setup for the players’ feet! Well… sorta. We haven’t […]

Devblog Update #02: Control Rig, Animations and Movement!

Hello fellow adventurers! Progress is always great to see, and we certainly have some this Sprint! Improvements can be mostly broken down into two categories: Movement, and Animation Movement One of the major milestones we’ve achieved is the implementation of initial acceleration and deceleration mechanics for flying. We wanted to make sure that Jasper’s flight […]

Devblog Update #01: New Beginnings

Jasper Vice:Legends Untold was released on Steam almost 8 months ago! It’s crazy how time flies. We’ve started production on the sequel, and have decided to put the first game on sale to commemorate it! So if you haven’t picked it up already, it’ll be 30% off for the next two weeks on both Steam […]