Devblog Update #11: Passion and Projects

Well it’s been a week or two (two, to be exact), and progress on the game has been a lot and nothing at all. I feel like that’s a quote, but I can’t place where it’s from… Anyways, devblog time!


First off, I’m just going to rip the band-aid off and say that progress on the game is going to be slower for the next bit. At it’s heart the game series is about teamwork, and the importance of every role on the team. Our team is made up of regular people, friends volunteering their time as a way to make something together, and keep in touch. Lately though, life has been catching up with more and more of us, which means that as a group, we’re not living out the principles that we talk about in the game, which doesn’t really feel right. Rather than having me grind through on the project and burnout/lose passion, we’re basically going to ease up on the gas, and try focusing a bit more on just enjoying the game.

This might mean that some lower priority bits of gameplay get focused on first, because it’s fun and exciting, but we’ll see. The blog here will continue to get updated, but perhaps not bi-weekly, instead on a more milestone-related basis.


That said, with easing pressure off on Jasper Vice II, I still enjoy making games, and have the skills to accompany that desire, so I’ll be going back to Jasper Vice: Legends Untold and adding some more features that didn’t make it in, and also helping some friends on their projects. Expect to see some updates on here!

It’s an interesting season for me, the game, and the team. We’ll see what comes next, but we’re not giving up! – SDG