Devblog Update #03: Failed IKs and Level Design!

It’s devblog time!

Life has gotten in the way of a lot of the progress we had hoped to make these past two weeks, but we have gotten some stuff done!

IK Feet

After a lot of research, work, and experimentation, we have a basic IK setup for the players' feet! Well... sorta. We haven't implemented a walking state yet, so it's hard to test, but I don't think it's working properly, lol. Figuring out how to get a rig that's flexible enough to operate completely differently when in flight mode and walking mode has been challenging. The idea is that when the player is on the ground, their feet will move to properly stand on whatever surface they're on, whether it's flat, or stairs, or whatever.

Where are you looking?

Another way we're using Control Rig in-game is to procedurally move the players' head and tail depending on how they're moving. If the player is turning down and to the left, the tail and head will turn accordingly. At first the results didn't exactly go as expected though, leading to some funny moments! We're hoping to be able to use some procedural stuff like that to layer in some additional detail overlayed on top of the base animations.

We’ve also started laying the groundwork for the first level we’re working on. It’ll be a village set in some islands themed as a sort of “fantasy badlands”. Hopefully we should have some in-game shots for you all next time! For now, here’s some of the concepts for it:

That’s it for now! Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you in the next devblog update (or any of the places below).