A gryphon flying through floating islands

Devblog Update #07: UI and Fortresses

We’re Marching forth with another devblog for Jasper Vice! This time I’ll be talking about UI and Fortresses.


There’s some skills I have and can do well, there’s others I can manage and get buy, and there’s others I just really haven’t developed. UI design is one of those last ones. Thankfully I have friends who can fill in those gaps! We haven’t had a consistent UI theme for the game yet, so we had to come up with one. I don’t know if we’re all the way there yet, but it’s looking tons better, and I couldn’t have done it by myself! So far it’s just the dialogue screen, pause menu, and main menu, but now that we have a theme, we can apply it elsewhere.


As I had mentioned in the last blog post, I’ve been working on a central fortress structure for the training area. The idea is that it’s the focal point for the various mission types that will take place there (eg. Assault, Defense, etc.). Because of in-world lore reasons I couldn’t just make a big stone castle (with floating islands in the sky, stone is a precious resource), so I had to come up with something else. I’m pretty happy with what we have now! I’m sure it’ll need some tweaking as gameplay gets tested, but it’s tons better than it was. 😀

Thanks for reading! Hop onto our Discord to say hi! This train still has a long way to go but we’re glad to have you along for the ride… Do they have trains in Aethra? Sky trains??? Hmmmm…….