The week after Demo Launch

Well, the demo was launched last week (as you can tell by the title)! There were a few bigger quality-of-life improvement feedback pieces which we focused on implementing this past week. All in all, the game is much more enjoyable now! There were a few spots where the instructions were… shall we say, unclear?

While there’s still a need to do a bit of thinking and exploring, your objectives are much better explained than they used to be.


We will continue to work on improving core systems (like the flight system, which is planned to have a few significant updates), but we’re also going to be moving on to the second island!!! Woohoo!!! With how long it took to get things started, and with essentially rebooting the game a year ago when we switched to Unreal, I’m ready to be moving on to a new island.


So, no fancy screenshots this week, but here’s the demo again, if you haven’t tested it yet, and last weeks’ timelapse video below.


Here’s the final video of development from the Plains of Epheroth. I did some experimentation with how I recorded the timelapses, making them a bit more “cinematic”. As you can tell, it didn’t work perfectly, but the technique has promise!


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