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Devblog Update #10: Performance Enhancements and Sneakyness

It’s Monday! Time for a Devblog! This sprint really wasn’t much to look at (hence no screenshots), but it makes it easier to look at! Performance As I mentioned at the end of last devblog, while implementing the flying enemy there were a few performance issues that cropped up which were a bit concerning. Tackling […]

Devblog Update #09: A new enemy!

It’s Devblog for Jasper Vice time again! It’s been a sprint with a good variety of skills, with modeling, texturing, rigging, implementing, and programming a flying enemy. Enemy design A good chunk of the game is set as a time of combat training for Jasper, and there will be a few different other Voyagers who […]

Devblog Update #08: Controls and Movement!

It’s Devblog for Jasper Vice time again! This sprint there’s been a lot of coding work, and more non-visual stuff, so there won’t be quite as many pictures to show for it, unfortunately. Still, there’s exciting things to talk about! Mostly controls and movement, but some UI stuff as well. User Feedback reports Something we’ve […]