Devblog Update #64: Weights, “Moledillos”, and Steam!

First off, launch is about 6 months away, so we finally got a Steam page set up! Wishlist if you want it! (

It feels crazy that it’s up there. I’m still not sure what the best way forward is in terms of pricing though. I like’s way of having a “Suggested Price”, but pay what you want. If you have any ideas, let me know 😉


Last Sprint I had made thermals, but they didn’t do anything. I’ve now programmed in a system of weights, so thermals give you negative weight, and you can pick up items that make you weigh more. This’ll be used later on to allow access to certain areas, and incorporated into some challenges. It was fun to do some programming again, after all the visual stuff I’ve been working on lately!


A new creature has been added to the game. Nicknamed a “moledillo” temporarily, for obvious reasons. A few of them managed to survive the cataclysm, and Conant is working hard to preserve their numbers.


Here’s the timelapse video of making that!


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