Devblog Update #62: Tutorials and cozy caves!

One of the things that we’ve gotten a fair bit of feedback on is the new player experience. They’re more or less dropped into the world, and left to figure out the controls for themselves. While that was somewhat intentional, the effect it’s had is making players leave the game in frustration sometimes, not knowing there’s a way to do X or Y.

So, we’ve implemented a tutorial! It’s pretty basic, and doesn’t cover any advanced things, but it should help people get around better. I was unsure if it should be required for every player or not, so it’s just triggered by talking to an NPC right next to where you spawn.


You may remember from last week that we made Conant! He’s the alicorn who is overseeing the care of the desolate and barren island you find yourself at in level 3.

Anyways, he didn’t have a home, so I made him one. My 5yr-old daughter had a lot of fun helping me make the interior, based on the fantastic designs Cesar made (


There’s been a few tweaks and improvements to the overall level as well, with some steam, smoke, and thermals finding their places. Lots more tweaking and details to add, for sure!


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