Devblog Update #62: Options, Alicorns and Volcanoes!

Well it’s been a good two sprints to kick off 2022! There were some pretty significant improvements made in this last one.


First off, I added in Gamepad support, so those who want to play with joysticks can! Still figuring our the best mapping for the controls, but it’s all functional.

Also, there is now an Options menu, with controls for screen resolution, mouse sensitivity, inverted controls, and several graphics quality settings! It was actually a lot easier to set up than I had been anticipating, which is nice, for a change. It still needs an aesthetic overhaul, but the functionality is there, for the most part. There’ s a few more settings I’d like to add though.


Another big update is the addition of another NPC to the game! This is Conant, the caretaker of the third level. I had some challenges to make him, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out!


The level itself saw a bit of a re-design as well. Making a dreary and barren landscape looks… boring. Trying to find ways to make it look fairly barren while still having interest to it is a challenge, for sure!


I’ve started occasionally live-streaming on Twitch (, and posting regularly on Instagram (/JasperViceTheGame) and Twitter (/JasperViceGame). Give us a follow!


Here’s the timelapse of making Conant! Enjoy



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