Devblog Update #61: Starting the next level!

2022 has begun! Or, as some people like to put it, 2020 part 3. As a team we took a break over Christmas, to enjoy time with family, and get a fresh inspiration and perspective on the game that you can only get from stepping back for a bit. Snowstorms aside, things have been great!


We’ve started working on the third island and final main island of this game. It’s centred around an erupted volcano, which wiped out pretty much all traces of whatever used to be there before. (no spoilers yet)

Each island comes with its own design and artistic challenges, and this one is no exception. How to make a hard barren landscape without it being completely boring? What does a volcano in the sky even look like? My explorations thus far have been a lot of trial and error, and what you see here is likely to change.

In an attempt to make thinks look less bland, I opted to throw in a whole bunch of different styles of rock and such, but in the end it just looked like chaos:

And so, the artistic exploration continues!


I’ve started occasionally live-streaming on Twitch (, and posting regularly on Instagram (/JasperViceTheGame) and Twitter (/JasperViceGame). Give us a follow!


I don’t have a timelapse video this week, but I do have a teaser for an upcoming one.



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