Devblog Update #60(!!!): Releasing Demo #2!

60 devblogs… That’s 120 weeks, or 600 work-days that have gone into this game so far. That’s insane! Granted, it hasn’t been full-time, and we essentially re-booted the project when we switched to Unreal Engine last Summer. But still. Whew! It’s been quite a ride.


We’ve had team members join, and team members leave. We’ve learned a ton (especially about how much we still have to learn!), grown in our confidence and skills and even made new friends!


This update marks the end of the work on Zone 2, Deilen Fel, which we’ve been working on since around June. We’ll be taking a break for two weeks, and coming back at the beginning of January to start work on the third, and final main zone of the game.


Thank you to those of you on our Discord server who playtested the demo last week to help find some areas for improvement, and catch any significant bugs! Your feedback and input is really appreciated.


Without further ado, here’s the demo trailer.



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