Devblog Update #59: Wrapping things up!

Crazy to think that we’re in December already! We’ve been working on Deilen Fel (Level 2 of this game) since June 7th, and it’s really come together well. The plan is to work on bugfixing and polish these next two weeks, and then on December 18th release an updated Demo including Deilen Fel!


In terms of progress this past Sprint, there’s been a lot of setup and tweaking stuff:

– Integrating the dialogue that’s been written into the game, and making the characters say the right lines at the right points during the level.

– Connecting Deilen Fel into the level progression, so it actually plays after the Plains of Epheroth.

– Improving some of the quests in the Plains of Epheroth to make them clearer.

– Finalizing the Heart of Deilen Fel (no spoilers here, just pictures).

– Improving the transitions to/from some of the quests in Deilen Fel.

– Adding collectibles to Deilen Fel.

– Implementing unlockable Journal Entries for Deilen Fel.

etc. 😛


Anyways, enough talk, here’s some screenshots:


It’s been a long ride, but I’m excited to show you guys what we’ve done next sprint. 🙂 Marketing and promo stuff isn’t exactly my strength, but I’ll be working on putting together some promotional material and post it different places leading up to the Demo Launch 2.0. Should be fun!


No new timelapse video this week, but hopefully a nice demo Trailer next week! In the meantime, here’s the playlist of the timelapses so far.


Enjoy your weekend!


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