Devblog Update #58: Colors and Tones

If last Devblog was all about flashy explosions, this one is more about ambiance. The Watcher chamber, and the Vault below it is meant to evoke a different feeling than the rest of Deilen Fel. Up above it has very greenish hues, and although its misty and muted, it’s not dark. Down below however, I wanted to evoke a sense of darkness, magic and mystery. A more somber theme. Through the power of post-processing effects, I think it looks pretty good (if I do say so myself)!


At the entrance to the Watcher chamber are a few plaques, containing the Lay of Obelius, a poem from the times of the Great War, which provides hints for how to defeat the Watcher.


Below the Watcher is the Vault. I don’t want to spoil too much about it, but here’s an early version of it.



There’s been a number of improvements and bugfixes as well. Most of them were quality of life things like making to Jairia have more dialogue options in one part, or making it so you can speak to Lyari to reset the Wisp chase challenge if you get lost.


This next Sprint is going to be all about the Vault Room itself, and then we’ll be finalizing Deilen Fel, and hopefully putting another Demo out before Christmas! Lots to look forward to!


In the meantime, here’s a timelapse video on the creation of the Vault Door!


Enjoy your weekend!


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