Devblog Update #57: Dodge the Beams!

This past sprint has been focused pretty much entirely on programming the Watcher. I finally have a design I’m running with for the gameplay/implementation, so now it’s just a matter of getting it done!

One of the big challenges I had to face was how to do the vfx for the beam itself. That sort of thing is well outside my comfort zone! But I think, with the help of some tutorials and such, I was able to come up with a look I’m pretty happy with. It still needs some tweaks, but overall it gets the point across.

Here’s a few pics of what the blast looks like.

When the player is hit, they get stunned for a few seconds. When a pillar that has been “linked” to the Watcher is hit, it gets overcharged and stuns the Watcher!

Here’s a (very large) GIF of the entire cycle.


Sorry progress is a bit slower. These next few sprints are going to have a few new visual things to show, but a lot of it will be bugfixes and polish on this level. Glamorous stuff!


In the meantime, here’s a timelapse video on the creation of the Watcher itself!


Enjoy your weekend!


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