Devblog Update #54: Moving to the Vault!

This sprint there has been significant progress made on the save system. I dare say it’s pretty much done! While getting some of these core back-end systems in place isn’t glamorous, it sure is essential. It’s really cool to be able to save your progress now, close the game, and come back to pick up where you left off.


With the amount of effort put into design and system things, there’s not a whole lot of visual to show off this time, but here’s a few teasers:

This is “the Watcher”. An organically controlled sentinel guarding the way into the Vault of Deilen Fel. It still needs a bit more refinement, and the room where it’s going to go hasn’t been created yet, but it will play a key role in the main challenge to enter the Vault. Getting past it won’t be easy!

This beautiful concept art for the main door to get into the Vault is by Cesar, as usual. It’s always a challenge to figure out how to take such awesome artwork and convert it to the simplistic stylized look of the game, without losing the beauty of the design. I look forward to it. 😉


I realize this is a bit of a shorter update than sometimes. But don’t worry, we’ll have more next time!


Here is the third video in the mega-flora timelapse series! Because of how simple the model is, it’s pretty short. 😛


This next sprint we’ll be beginning to dive into the Vault, and get that roughed in. There’s still a bit to do in the overworld, but now that the save system is done, we have more time available for gameplay stuff!


Enjoy your weekend! (Or whenever you read this)


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