Devblog Update #53: Gus and more Fungus!

Progress continues! I feel like I begin pretty much every update like that. But it’s true though! Progress is being made!

On the visual side of things, I got inspired and made some new plants to add to the scene, and re-arranged things. I think they balance out the colors a bit, and add a lot more vertical interest, since most of the stuff before was around the same height.


Another NPC for the game has been made. Say hello to Gus! He thinks he’s a pretty fun-guy. The player will be able to find him around Deilen Fel. There’s a lot to uncover about him, and the history of his race!


Gameplay-wise, we got another one of the “Challenges” done for this level. I don’t want to give away too much, but this one is a bit more of a game, or object lesson, than an actual challenge. I hope you enjoy it when you get to play!


There’s been some significant steps taken in regards to the core game code as well. We finally have a save system mostly functional! It still needs some tweaks and polish, but it’s exciting to finally have another key piece getting done.


Here is the second video in the mega-flora timelapse series!


This next sprint we’ll be continuing to implement the gameplay and progression for Deilen Fel, the final overworld challenge. After that, we’ll be moving down into the Vault, and wrapping up this level!


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