Devblog Update #52: Two years in and Plants

Well, this devblog marks two years of working on this game! Wow. We certainly have come a long ways. In some senses it feels like we’ve only been working on the game for a little over a year, since last June we switched from Unity to Unreal Engine, and changed the game design to be less of a racing game, and a bit more narrative.

According to the schedule that I’ve written up, we should have a little less than one year to go still, with the plan being to release the game in the summer of 2022. Yikes that feels like a long ways away!

I’ve learned and grown so much through this process though, that regardless of whether the released game is a “market success”, I know the next one will be even better.


Speaking of better, Deilen Fel (the second level) is looking much improved! I made a number of different giant plants, based on concept art which Cesar drew up. I need to work on their placement more, as it’s quite cluttered at the moment. But here’s some shots! I also adjusted the lighting in the scene to look a bit greener. Before it was fairly purple, which with the purple mushroom was a bit too much.

I recorded the process of making most of those plants, and will be putting out a series of time-lapses on their creation. Here’s the first one!


This next sprint we’ll be continuing to implement the gameplay and progression for Deilen Fel, as well as designing a new NPC, and writing a lot of dialogue! I look forward to telling you more about it.


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