Devblog Update #50: Cottage and Caretaker!

Progress continues! The caretaker NPC of this zone now has a place to live. The idea is that with the giant plants and such, she would have made her home out of some of the available fungi. I look forward to adding more vegetation and details around the cottage to blend it into the surrounding area more.


Speaking of the caretaker though. I made her a few months ago, but have been putting off rigging and animating her, simply because I really don’t enjoy the process…

Anyways, she now has a few animations, which makes her look much more “alive” in-game.

She will be the one who gives the player instructions for what they should be doing in this zone, and guiding their progress.



We have continued working on tweaking and improving the underlying flight code, and cleaning out lots of little bugs and quality issues. One of the features we’re just finishing implementing is “bouncy surfaces”. In this zone specifically there’s certain mushrooms which the player will bounce off of when they collide with them. It’s so satisfying to run into them, bounce off, and hear the “boing” noise as the mushroom wobbles.


This next sprint we’ll be creating some creatures who fly around and live in this area, and start getting the actual gameplay elements set up for the level flow!


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