Devblog Update #44: Final statue done. Demo launch next?!

The final (big) piece of the first zone is done! The statue of Tayrin now graces the final chamber of the Vault in the Plains of Epheroth. May her memory live on.


A lot of work has gone into fixing bugs, and doing little improvements to playability. Also, the progression for this first zone is now (almost) fully complete! It’s very exciting to be able to play the level through from start to finish.

Some of the main things we’re missing are a few cutscenes, some dialogue, and those ever-present annoying bugs. 😉 If all goes according to plan, we should be able to release a demo next sprint! I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on what we’ve made so far.


Here’s the timelapse video posted last week! Timelapse of the level design process for one of the Vaults’ challenge rooms.


Anyways, next sprint I’ll be working on prepping some stuff for Zone 2, as well as finishing off the main things we’re lacking for Zone 1, so we can put out a demo!


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