Devblog Update #43: Final Vault Room, and more help!

This sprint I got the final room in the Zone 1 Vault completed! With that, there’s only one asset left to make and this first level is done! It’s really exciting to be hitting this landmark. It also means that with a bit more work getting the quests set up, we’ll be able to release a rough demo soon.

In the far corner of that vault room will sit a statue of Tayrin, the Recoverer. You’ll learn more about her later. Credit for the WIP concept art below goes to Cesar (CesarRedondo2 on Discord)


There’s been a lot of really significant progress towards getting the Quest system all together, and improving the dialogue system, the interaction system, and more. Largely thanks to Bryan (UVMatician on Discord) who’s been working hard!

Also, the camera system is basically complete! With a follow camera, a first-person camera, and an orbital camera that you can rotate around Jasper as you fly.


Here’s the timelapse video posted last week! Modeling the character Skye.


Anyways, next sprint I’ll be working on the Final Statue, and we’ll be getting the storyline for Zone 1 all set up!


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