Devblog Update #42: Camera Modes, Jackalopes and Big Squishing Rocks!

Despite having some technical issues with our file server, and some other things that came up IRL, there are some fun developments to report!


I’ve been wanting to get multiple cameras modes working for awhile. Up until now it’s basically just been a Third-Person follow camera when you’re flying. This week I’ve been able to get started on setting up a First-Person Camera! Ideally it would be nice to have some smooth transitions between the camera modes, but for now it just jumps to the correct camera instantly. Because there’s some math involved, and it’s very integrated with the flight system, I’m setting the cameras up in C++, which has been fun.

There’s still lots of work that needs to be done on it though. For example, either limiting the rotation of the camera, or hiding the player while in first-person mode!


Vault Challenge Room #3

This challenge is a series of passages with large stone slabs moving across them. The player needs to fly through quickly and carefully to avoid getting squished! I recorded a timelapse of the creation process, so look forward to that in a few weeks. 🙂

Behind that door lies the final chamber of the Vault for the Plains of Epheroth! It’s come a long way.


Grass Deer

These adorable little creatures can be found hopping around the Plains in small groups.

Thankfully there’s not hundreds of them, or that might get a little bit scary!


Here’s the timelapse video posted last week! Modeling the big monument on a hill in this first Island.


Anyways, next sprint I’ll be working on the Final Room of the Vault, finalizing the dialogue/quest system, and hopefully getting the camera system working!


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