Devblog Update #41: Dialogues, Quests and UI, Oh my!

There’s not a whole lot of exciting visuals to show off in this devblog, unfortunately. But I’ll start off with the ones I have


The Second “Challenge Room” of the Vault has been made! It’s essentially a race through winding tunnels. The player needs to fly through them before the time runs out, in order to open the door to the next area.


As some of the livestock in the world, there’s Aethrian Rhinos. They’re about the size of a pig, and are bred for meat by the caretaker of the Island, Aelic.


Here’s the timelapse video posted last week! Modeling the mural used in one of the puzzles in this first Island.


Now on to the non-visual stuff. I did a significant amount of work on the dialogue system these past two weeks. Got it plugged into the quest system fairly well, so NPCs can deliver different dialogue depending on what the players’ progression through the level is. It really starts to make it feel more like a world once you can talk to people! Also, with the questline getting set up, the first level is getting more and more playable.

Once this first island is finished in a month or so I’m considering releasing it as a demo to get some feedback on. Let me know if you’re interested in playtesting!

I also ran into an engine but in Unreal which took me a few days to fix. Now that I know how to fix it, I could do it again in 5 minutes, but it involved running Visual Studio in Debug mode and attaching it to a specific process Unreal Engine was running, to track down a variable Unreal thought was corrupt, so I could rename it. I learned a lot during that process!


Anyways, next sprint I’ll we working on the Third and final challenge room of the Vault, and finalizing the dialogue/quest system.


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