Devblog Update #39: The next stage is beginning

First off, I had included a screenshot of the inside of Skye’s cave in the last post, but after that it got a significant makeover.

Speaking of Skye, here’s some concept art for him, courtesy of Cesar (


Puzzle #3 is now complete! This one is a little bit more “interactive” than the other two. It involves catching colored orbs being shot from the cannon and placing them in their correct slots on the pillars. Adapting the pickup/drop system to be user-friendly and flexible enough for this took a few days, but it’s pretty fun now that it’s working!



As you can see from this screenshot, there is now a functioning Quest system, with a UI! As the story is linear, we didn’t need an incredibly complex Quest system, but still, with the variety of objectives it needed to be flexible.


I added a few more different plants to add some variety in the world, and spread them around the island. 🙂 It’s looking very lush and beautiful, if I do say so myself.


And now that the core pieces of the “overworld” are done, we are about ready to start moving production into the Vault. This is a series of underground chambers, designed to challenge the novice Voyagers, and test their capabilities.


This next sprint I plan to model the character Skye, as well as make the first challenge room in the Vault. Should be fun!


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