Devblog Update #38: More updates than fit in this line!

Lots of developments to show off this update!

First off, I wasn’t sure whether to include this feature or not, but I decided to give it a shot and see how complex it would be to implement. Pickup/Carry/Drop of certain items! The player can fly around carrying certain things, and drop them wherever. There is a respawn system just in case they fall over the edge of the island, which is bound to happen. This mechanic can be really useful in certain puzzles.
As you can see in this image as well, there are some new trees too.


Speaking of puzzles, Puzzle #2 is complete! The dials rotate, and the player needs to press the button at the right time to “lock in” the correct symbols, in the correct sequence. Combining having to solve clues to figure out the sequence, and having to time the button correctly, it might be challenging!


This is The Hummingbird, and airship designed and made by a young and inventive gryphon named Skye. He plays a key role in the story, and has hidden his airship on the island while he repairs it after it had a malfunction. Not being the most social sort, he may or may not have “borrowed” some tools from the islands’ caretaker to do the job. That could be important.


On a less glamorous but just as important note. I changed the way the level loading takes place, as there was a noticeable hitch in the FPS when loading in certain areas. It’s running much smoother now!


The plan for this next sprint is to implement Puzzle #3 (which will make use of that pickup/drop mechanic!), as well as make the Vault Door which will lead to the next series of challenges in the caverns underground. Lots to look forward to!


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