Devblog Update #37: Updated Website, New Character, and a Puzzle!

First off, the rest of the website got a big update! I don’t consider myself a web designer, but I’m pretty happy with how it is, especially compared to what it was before (shudders). The Discord server also got renamed from Soltorch (the “studio name”) to Jasper Vice, the name of the actual game project. Along with that, the server icon got changed to reflect that. Go check it out!


Say hello to Commander Vileth. As one of the highest ranking officers in the Voyagers, he oversees the training of the new recruits. Though harsh and stern on the outside, he wants to make sure the young recruits live up to their full potential. He will be the one guiding the player through the various challenges presented to them throughout the game.


One of the key responsibilities of being one of the Voyagers is to know how to restore order, to envision what that might look like, and to be willing to think and persevere to achieve the result. Bringing fractured pieces back into the right arrangement isn’t always easy, it’s almost like a puzzle…

It was a bit of a puzzle to make that puzzle too, but all in all I’m quite happy with how it turned out. This will be the first of 3 puzzles the player will have to solve to be able to open the Vault and proceed on to the next stage. I programmed the pieces for this puzzle to be fairly modular, so I’m hoping to be able to re-use them for the next one, which I’ll be working on next week!


The plan for the next two weeks is to get Puzzle #2 up and working, as well as to make a key location in the players’ progression.


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