Devblog Update #33: Mostly grass

There was a bonus post last week showing the workflow for making the sky islands!

I made this basic “monument”, but Cesar came up with some much better concepts, which I hope to show you next time:

I adjusted the shading of the ground to closer match the actual grass, which makes the transition between them barely visible. I’m using a method of culling the grass where I slowly move the grass downward as the player gets farther away from it, and it doesn’t disappear/appear while it’s in sight. That all happens underneath the ground, then the grass “grows” up as you get closer, making a much smoother experience than having grass pop into view.

Speaking of grass, I also made it so that the grass grows up, regardless of the surface angle it’s on! It may seem like a small thing, but it makes the hillsides look much better.

I wanted to do a video version of the island creation workflow, but apparently, I still have a lot to learn about recording/editing videos. That one might have to wait until a future date when I have a clearer workflow for it.

Anyways, thanks for following along! Hopefully, by the next post, the island will have some trees and landmarks. 🙂


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