Devblog Update #29: You can speak!

It has been a whirlwind two weeks, and I have gotten some things done! After a few design iterations, I present to you our first NPC (I’m not counting Commander Vileth from when we were in Unity, as his design wasn’t finalized):

Name: Jairia. Female Dragon, and a fellow Voyager trainee. She was born and raised in the Gryphon Kingdom, after her grandparents fled the Dragonlands during the reign of King Prometheus. She is calm and thoughtful.

As you can see, she hasn’t been rigged or animated yet, being still in the default pose she was modeled in, but that will come.


Another thing I completed was a dialogue system! It’s very modular, flexible, and easy to work with. You can simply drag a dialogue component onto any object in the scene and it has interaction capability, even a well!

There are still come UI tweaks and improvements to do for that system, but all the core functionality is there, including branching dialogue with different conversation paths.

The next thing on the list is to extend the dialogue system and connect it to a Quest system. Basically, make it so that dialogue can trigger/resolve quests. In this game there won’t be a whole lot of simultaneous quests, but there will be different paths you can take to accomplish the objective.

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