Devblog Update 2.8: Content!

Well, these last two weeks we’ve been making some content! Now that we have a clearer gameplay direction, and a stronger art direction, we’re able to move that way.

Jasper (The player character) now has a few animations. Plugging them into the flight system in the game engine makes the game suddenly feel so much more alive. It’s amazing the difference a few animations makes!

As you can see, we also opted to give Jasper a sort of backpack, to carry gear in. Details on that are still TBD, as usual.

Aside from animating Jasper, and putting him into the game, some work has also been done on the design for the first level. One of the key elements of which will be a tower in which the caretaker for the island lives:

Hopefully these next two weeks will result in some actual gameplay footage, and some level design. 🙂

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