Devblog Update 2.1: Evaluation

Well, we’ve had a few weeks to process feedback from both external testers, and our own internal discussions. There’s been a lot of really good ideas regarding which direction to take the game from here. A key question we’ve been going over is if this game is a Racing RPG primarily, or an RPG with racing elements. As this game is building into future games in the series, which has always been intended to be an RPG, we felt like we needed to re-evaluate how much of a focus racing is in this game.

So, we’re making some big changes. Gameplay-wise we want to incorporate more exploration, puzzles, and character development. The art is also getting a bit of an overhaul. Now that the more feature-full demo is out, we can work on making what we have more cohesive.

Also, it has come time to do some code cleanup, yay! Refactoring code, putting it in namespaces, reversing dependencies, etc. Lots of fun.

We’re also switching out project management system from Hack and Plan to a new tool we found out about called Codecks ( If you’re doing game dev, I highly recommend it.

With all this discussion and behind the scenes work, there’s not really cool art for me to show off this week, sorry 😉 Maybe next time.

We have big plans for where we want to take this, and it’s moving forward steadily. Thank you to those of you who have submitted feedback, we really appreciate it!