Devblog Update 1.3:

The last two weeks have been quite productive, I would say! The save system has been completely re-written from the ground up, and is now secure, flexible, and allows for multiple save files. It feels good to have that done.

The basic functionality of the Airship system is coming together. The idea with it is that the player will be able to land on an airship that is flying around the level, and interact with some NPC’s, see some lore that has been collected, etc. The bones of that structure are now in place, the menus just need some more polish, and the actual airship model needs to be made (the current one is just placeholder).

These past two weeks have seen a few visual changes as well, with the player character getting a visual upgrade, post-processing being set up in the scene, and some other graphical tweaks. I’m excited to show you what we’ve got, but am resisting the urge to push it out there until the functionality for this first level is all there. So, you’ll just have to be patient. 😉


Sorry for the short update, without any visuals, but most of the work has been programming stuff, so not much to show. Anyways, I’ve gotta get back to work now!