Devblog Update 1.1: Bug smashing time!

Well, we put out a rough demo last week, and got some feedback from it! Thank you to those who playtested and gave your thoughts/critiques. There were quite a number of bugs, some big and some small. Also, there were a number of features that we have planned that would have been helpful, but just weren’t developed yet.
If you want to go and test the demo as it is, feel free, but know that we’re already well past where it was. We’ll wait to push out another demo until we get some core bugs fixed, and the rest of the core game features implemented (even if they’re in a rough state).

One significant update since the original demo was released is a much better map system! Whereas before it technically not a “game” because there was no way to win, only try to get the best score you could, now there are more arbitrary goals. Stars! Everyone loves stars! If you want to get three stars on a race you have to fly as well as I do. 😉

As you can see, the map and race icon art has been beautified by Cesar ( The icons change as you mouse over them. It makes the whole thing come so much more alive. (The canvas map background is still placeholder)

The game will now remember what races you’ve “discovered” so that you won’t have a blank map the next time you open the game.

We’re still hammering out a bug to do with teleport working intermittently, and rings not always recognizing it when the player flies through them (which can be very frustrating).


A core feature we’ll be implementing in the coming weeks will be to give Commander Vileth’s airship the purpose it was designed for. No longer will it be the very rough placeholder model it currently is, but rather a place you can go and talk to Vileth for in-game information. He’ll be able to tell you more about the world, as well as give you more in-depth information on your race performance, and maybe even some tips to improve your times! Also, he’ll pick you up if you fly too far away from the map (It’s easy to get lost if you fly too far, and frustrating to fly back up if you fall down too far).


Anyways, I’m back to work smashing bugs now!