Devblog Update #01: New Beginnings

Jasper Vice:Legends Untold was released on Steam almost 8 months ago! It’s crazy how time flies. We’ve started production on the sequel, and have decided to put the first game on sale to commemorate it! So if you haven’t picked it up already, it’ll be 30% off for the next two weeks on both Steam and


Game 2. What is it?


The as-yet untitled JV2 game will continue to follow Jasper on his journey of becoming a Voyager. While the first game focused a lot on a very safe part of Aethra, with Jasper learning about some of the character traits that make up a Voyager, this second game will put those into action more, literally. Jasper will be learning lots, and facing up to some challenging situations. Aethra is on the brink of something that people have feared for quite some time, and he will have a role to play in it.


What’s different/new?


The plan is for this game to develop some of the combat mechanics that will be used throughout the remainder of the series. Aerial combat can be a tricky thing to figure out and implement! We’ll also be introducing a number of new and interesting island areas, with a variety of themes. There will be a number of returning characters, and a lot of new faces too, some of which will be very important moving forward.


When is it coming?


Isn’t that always the question? The scope on a project like this can be difficult to predict, but we’re estimating that it should launch in the Summer of 2025. That seems like a long ways away, but there’s a lot to do!!! Last game had 76 devblogs, and this game is no smaller.


We’d love for you to follow along on this journey with us, and give your input/feedback as we go!


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