Devblog Update 0.93 The time is upon us

I’ll make this update short and sweet. This is the week (unless something completely unexpected happens and it gets moved to next week) of the demo launch. We just have a few bugfixes to deal with. Does it have all the features of the full game? No. Is it polished? No. Does this mean the whole game will be done soon? No. What this means is that the core gameplay loop will be available for people to play, and give us feedback to help improve it.


It’s like in Mario, if jumping isn’t fun, the game is broken. In this case, if flying isn’t fun, the game is a bust. We need to iron that out, and we need people to play and give us feedback to know if it is or not. We are often most blind to what’s right under our nose.


In the meantime, while you wait for the demo announcement you can enjoy my cringe-worthy first Vlog. I learned a lot about what not to do: