Devblog Update 0.9 Christmastime is here!

Teams are a wonderful thing. They make it so that even if one member is busy, stuff still gets done. Unfortunately, with a small team, there’s always the chance of multiple people being busy at the same time. That was the case for us these past few weeks. That’s not to say that nothing got done, but just not as much as I’d like. Road trips, and moving into new homes has a way of occupying one’s time.

But as far as what we DID get done, well!

We realized that the scale of the character model in Blender was completely random, and that everything else had been built “to scale” with that model. Thinking ahead, we figured we’d better figure out the actual size things should be, to make Unity’s physics calculations and things like that more logical. So, here’s a terribly lit image showing what that change in scale looks like.

Some developments and clarifications have been made concerning the lore, history, and culture of this world. Things like food, holidays, religions, etc. Lots of fun stuff for you all to discover. 😉

Continued work on the flight system (as usual). Stamina and “boosting” have been added. A bit of risk/reward there for the skillful.

I was also prototyping what a castle/fortress would look like in a world where things can fly. In a traditional castle, they could simply fly over the walls. Nowadays there’s anti-aircraft guns and missiles, but in the game they don’t have that technology refined (although there will probably be some defensive batteries). Here’s a design I came up with. Very defensible from all angles!

Anyways, that’s been what we’ve been up to. Things will probably be slow for the next week or so, then pick up again in the new year. 2020! A great year to have lots of vision!


Merry Christmas from all of us!