Devblog Update 0.8 It’s all in the details

Progress! It’s getting down to the nitty gritty stuff now. We’ve been working on level design in addition to the continued refining of the flight system (3rd version of it now, I think. Maybe 4th.) It’s amazing some of the things that can fall through the cracks. One of the team noted that in the (then) current flight system, forward speed becomes negative when you stall, which… isn’t how life works, and can actually result in a crazy backwards roller-coaster scenario. So, a bit better “gravity” had to be programmed in.

Here’s some gifs of gameplay.

Adding some details to the landscape

Basic course demo

There have been some ups and downs with various members of the team not being quite as available as usual, due to travel and other things, but we’re still moving forward. I look forward to having something available to push out soon!