And so it begins

I don’t want to take too long here, since I’m staring at a blank project, and still have a long ways to go. Figured the blog should be updated though, since it’s Day 1 of dev.


The plan is to have an update to the Dev Blog every two weeks, and an updated playable demo every two months or so. We’ll see how well we stick to that plan.

We are a small team, with some of us committing more time per week to the project than others. This first game, Jasper Vice: Legends Untold, is meant to be the starting point for a larger series, which will build on the code and gameplay of this first game, expanding the lore/story. Our plan is to finish this one in Spring 2020.


Our pipeline will consist mostly of Blender for the 3D graphics, Unity as the game engine, Audacity for audio, Gimp and Krita for 2D graphics, and HacknPlan for project management.

Next update I hope to show some progress, and maybe start unraveling a bit of the characters/story.


Now, back to work!